• ATAR: 99.40

  • State ranks: 6th in NSW English Advanced and 9th in NSW Business Studies (Accelerated) 

  • School: Castle Hill High School (Senior prefect)

  • University: University of Sydney 

  • Degree: Bachelor of Psychology (Major in Neuroscience) with Honours 

  • English Advanced HSC Mark: 98/100 (6th in NSW and 1st internally)

  • English Extension 1 HSC Mark: 48/50 (external mark of 49/50)

  • English Extension 2 internal mark: 50/50

  • Business Studies (Accelerated) HSC Mark: 98 (9th in NSW and 1st internally)

  • Legal Studies HSC Mark: 95

  • Mathematics Advanced HSC Mark: 95

  • Other accolades, awards and scholarships:

    • Admitted into the prestigious  Dalyell Scholars program at the University of Sydney 2020 

    • Won the Katherine Georgouras Science Award 2017

    • Won the University of Sydney Academic Excellence Award 2017

    • Won the Macquarie University Business School Excellence Award


After he was awarded DUX of Year 10 in 2017, Melvern thought that tutoring junior students would be a fulfilling and enriching endeavour. Little did he know, he would embark on a path that would eventually lead him to be appointed as the Co-Academic Director of one of the most prestigious and well-respected English tutoring centres. Melvern has taught over 90+ students, worked with students of diverse academic needs and capacities, held both physical and online lessons in both individual and group settings, presented at seminars and lectures, and developed over 200+ pages worth of teaching material. Melvern's experience within the industry is impressive, and his portfolio is verified by the consistent results he delivers, having worked with students attending schools top in NSW, who received above 95 in HSC English Advanced, above 95 in ATARS and also the recipient of DUX and Co-op scholarships.


Melvern is an honest, passionate and friendly tutor who prioritises his student's understanding and absorption of material. He focuses on building a solid foundation for the student to ensure they are equipped with the general frameworks, principles and notes that allowed him and his many students to succeed in the English HSC, before funnelling his approach to specifically diagnose areas where student's are in need of improvement. Through this, he is able to refine his material and teaching strategy in ways that facilitate personalised growth that is responsive to the individual needs and skill sets of students who bring forth a diverse and dynamic pool of strengths and weaknesses, goals and queries. His experience in developing resources, producing course booklets, essay marking, breaking down assessments and curating lesson material has undoubtedly allowed him to nourish a nuanced and in-depth understanding of course work which he eloquently translates into digestible content for students. 


When explaining analysis, dissecting texts or probing into his student's essays and responses, Melvern is known for his critical, detail-orientated approach. He is able to scrutinise arguments, bring to light inconsistencies within student's writing to help elevate the veracity of their work, and critically evaluate both the conceptual, technical and communicative components of his student's responses to improve their overall writing demeanour, style and solidity. Given his knowledge of the expectations of HSC markers, he knows exactly how to refine his student's responses to align with the marking criteria necessary for full marks. Yet, he also places great emphasis on the development of personal voice, flair and critical insight from his students, and encourages them to build their own arguments during lessons. This aligns with the philosophy at the heart of his teaching as he attests the great value of being able to judge and evaluate one's opinions, iterate and refine it in alignment with set expectations, and finesse one's response to distinguish oneself from others.