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Delivered by the best performers in NSW English Advanced.

Pictured: Grace Roodenrys,
1st in NSW English Advanced, 2018

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Tutoring from Concept English Solutions is delivered by tutors who have scored a NSW state rank. They've mastered the subject of HSC English and know exactly what it is required to score top marks. 


A Snapshot of Our Team  

Grace Roodenrys

1st in NSW English Advanced 

5th in NSW English Ext I (50/50) 

ATAR: 99.75

Chloe Zhu

16th in NSW English Advanced 

49/50 Eng Ext I Mark 

ATAR: 99.55

Ella Bradford

9th in NSW English Advanced

9th in NSW Drama

ATAR: 99.7

Christina Ienco

20th in NSW English Advanced 

18th in NSW Legal Studies 

ATAR: 99.35

A word from our HSC Academic Director

"At Concept, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering the highest quality English classes in NSW to optimise the learning experience of students who are here with us. Our team consists of the top performers in NSW for English Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2. Through our highly tailored courses, state of the art academic resources, years of experience and genuine passion, we are confident in our ability to empower students throughout the HSC journey, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve nothing but the highest. As our teaching philosophy interweaves both the theoretical and practical components of English, students walk away from class with an enlightened understanding of their texts and a greater aptitude in applying their skills in exam-based scenarios, dynamically and dextrously. We ensure that students understand the intricacies and nuances of their text and provide in-depth critique on their responses to foster continuous improvement in both their critical thinking and self-expression. We expect nothing but the best from all of our students."  

Melvern Kurniawan (Academic Director), 6th in NSW English Advanced and 9th in NSW Business Studies (Accelerated)


A word from our IB Academic Director

"Concept offers the highest quality IB tutoring services nationwide. Concept's classes and services consistently provide our students with the guidance, support and resources they need to maximise their learning experience. Our team consists of the very best performers in IB for Language and Literature HL, Literature HL, the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. The passion and knowledge our tutors have for the IB facilitates a positive learning environment that empowers students to achieve their desired goals within the IB Diploma. It is of utmost priority for us to ensure that students understand the intricacies and nuances in their works and are well versed with the IB criteria. In addition to this, our services extend to assisting students with their Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge essays and presentations. We understand that self-directed projects can be overwhelming, especially with IB's workload. Therefore, we provide the very best quality tutoring services for our students and in turn, we expect the very best from all of our students."  


Tanisha Chadha, Literature HL 7, Extended Essay A, Theory of Knowledge A


A word from our students

"Concept has genuinely helped me so much with my English, allowing me to rank 1st in my cohort! English isn't about a "cheat-code" and cannot be mastered in a day, and with Concept, they helped foster an enjoyment for the subject and interest in the texts studied, which lead to high performing results and passionate writing. I highly recommend Melvern, he was an amazing and effective tutor, and helped improve my results drastically!"

Ofelia Zhao, 13th in NSW English Advanced

Our Program 



Weekly intensive class sessions to learn the theory content, the structure of a 20/20 essay for each module and how to tackle the exam. 


course material

Extensive course material written by state rankers with over 100 analysed quotes, state rank & 20/20 sample essays, and much more! 


1:1 tutorials

1:1 Tutorials will be delivered by our state ranking staff, giving you the personalised assistance required for you to achieve top marks in HSC English. 



Line-by-line feedback of your drafts with detailed comments and edits so you know exactly where to improve your work. 


As tutors, we all see the problems with the way English can be taught at schools.


After seeing what it takes to score full marks from both ourselves and our students, we formulated a systematic approach that would allow students to consistently score top marks.

Chloe Zhu, Founder of Concept English


James Ruse

"I started getting help from Chloe right before HSC Trials at school when I was a mediocre English student who did not achieve above average scores often. Thanks to Chloe I was able to achieve 94/100 in English Advanced when I was almost certain I would attain below 90, as well as 48/50 in English Extension"

—  Alan Song

James Ruse

"Chloe was great - my rank in school jumped, and I got a 96 externally after starting lessons. I really needed some individualised guidance on my essays, one that I couldn't properly receive from a commercial centre or from school. "

—  Winston Huang

James Ruse

"After trialling a number of English tutors, I found that Chloe was different in her personalised approach to English teaching that allowed me to maximise my learning potential. Without a doubt, choosing Chloe as my English tutor was the best decision I made with regard to my HSC."

—  Dineth Fernando