English demands students to intellectually and creatively extend themselves, to challenge their knowledge and understanding of the world, others and their own place in society. To succeed in the English course, it is expected that students can flexibly and critically apply their knowledge of a literary text along with the module to different questions. 


At Concept English, we offer a rigorous program that tackles all criteria set by NESA during the HSC to ensure that any student who joins us is equipped with not only the theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills to apply their understanding of textual analysis to exam-based scenarios. Considering this, we focus on nourishing the student's critical thinking, improvisation skills, spontaneity and insight, under the guidance of academics who have topped NSW in the English course. All our teachers have achieved a state rank in one or more of their English courses and possess unparalleled knowledge, experience and training to effectively guide students through the troughs and pressures of their final years of high school. 

As a minimum of 2 units of English must count towards the calculation of a student's ATAR, the pressures to perform exceptionally well is undeniable, which all our teachers can resonate with personally. Thus, we have formulated a foolproof approach to the English course that ensures students are confident in applying their understanding of all aspects of the course in practical contexts ranging from internal assessments through to the final HSC exams. 


All of our classes are specialised based on text and module, and all accompanying course material has been authored by leading academics to supplement the knowledge they gain during classes. Our course provides students the opportunity to develop comprehensive knowledge of the vital constituents of full mark responses, exposure to higher level critical dissection of texts, intimate guidance on school assessments and examination techniques, access to exemplary critical and creative works written by state rank students, and valuable insight into the steps required to excel not only in English but the HSC in its entirety.