Frequently asked questions

1. Are classes running online or in-person? 

All classes are currently running online given the current circumstances with COVID. However, we do have a physical campus in the CBD, just outside Town Hall which will reopen if the situation allows for it. We can also make personalised arrangements for students who want to have physical lessons.

2. Are online lessons effective?

The shift to online learning can definitely be new to some. However, online learning here at Concept is not a problem at all as classes remain engaging, intellectually stimulating and immersive for students. Just last year, ALL year 12 English Advanced and Extension classes were conducted online through ZOOM and all of our students received a Band 6, with one of our students positioning 13th in NSW for English Advanced. This is a 100% success rate. 

3. Do you offer private or group lessons?

At concept, we offer both group and private classes depending on which you believe is most optimal for your learning experience. Regardless of which stream you choose, you will receive assistance throughout your English studies by a leading academic who is both knowledgeable and experienced. 

4. How do I enrol at Concept?

To enrol here at Concept, simply email our admin and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. In your email, it would be of great help if you kindly told us the school you attend, your grade, and which class you were enquiring for (i.e. private or group). 

5. What makes Concept different from other tutoring centres? 

Concept English is distinguished from other tutoring centres for a handful of reasons. Firstly, as a specialist tutoring firm we solely focus on providing the best quality classes for the English course - nothing else. We are committed to developing state-of-the-art course material and lessons that are tailored to the content that is assessed in school assessments as well as formal examinations. At Concept we have deduced the key methodologies and approaches in English that lead to success. Given the expertise of our academics, their position in the state, and their exceptional performance in the NSW English course, our academic material has an edge over competitors due to its intellectual and critical rigour, incisive analysis and expressive flair - something which students can take great academic value from. Secondly, at Concept we ensure that all students and their personal academic needs are being fulfilled through continual support and rapport. Students are encouraged to contact us whenever they need assistance. Thirdly, our state-ranking model assures students that they can place their utmost trust and confidence in our academics who have surpassed the entire of NSW in English Advanced or Extension. Our teachers here at Concept have undergone extensive training and are required to continually refine and improve their knowledge of texts through constant writing both critically and creatively.