Yige Xu - headshot.HEIC


Yige was born in Harbin, China and raised in south-east Sydney, attending Danebank School from Year 1 to 12. She graduated as the Dux of the School in 2020.

Her strengths ranged wide during school, from English and the humanities to the creative arts. She is fortunate to be able to continue pursuing her diverse passions in tertiary education. Enrolled in a prestigious undergraduate research program at the Australian National University, she currently studies a myriad of disciplines, from international relations and politics to gender studies, art history, and philosophy. 

Yige’s present research focus is centred around Chinese diasporic identities, particularly in relation to political participation. As of current, she is considering a career in research or policymaking.

When she’s not tutoring, you’ll find Yige either teaching or playing piano, working as the art editor for Woroni, the ANU student magazine, or getting involved with various clubs and societies on campus. She loves a good coffee and a book (a recent read-turned-recommendation being Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous), going on walks, and pretending to be good at bass.


  • ATAR: 99.30 

  • State ranks: 18th in NSW for English Advanced (2020)

  • School: Danebank Anglican School for Girls (arts & Communications Captain, Dux of the School)

  • University: The Australian National University​, Bachelor of Philosophy (Humanities and Social Sciences)

  • Subject marks and school ranks

    • 98/100 in English Advanced, 1st at Danebank

    • 47/50 in English Ext I, 1st at Danebank

    • 92/100 in Mathematics Advanced

    • 98/100 in Music 1, 1st at Danebank

    • 92/100 in Studies of Religion II, 1st at Danebank

    • 98/100 in Visual Arts, 1st at Danebank

  • Other accolades, awards and scholarships:

    • HSC All-Rounder (2020)

    • Caltex Best All Rounder Award (2020)

    • Associate in Music, Australia (AMus) in Piano

    • Western Sydney University's Academy Access Award - academic scholarship (2019)


A passionate tutor and clear communicator, Yige is dedicated to guiding her students to fulfil their full English potential. With outstanding academic results and considerable experience, Yige strives to pass on her state-ranking expertise through an organised, comprehensive, and encouraging approach to teaching.

Yige has been tutoring professionally since she graduated from Danebank in 2020. With several areas of expertise, from Studies of Religion to the Creative Arts, she specialises particularly in English. In 2021, Yige guided 10 year 12 students through a tumultuous HSC year. She maintained an excellent satisfaction rate, with all her students improving by at least one letter-grade in their overall internal mark, and producing the top internal ranks for English Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2.


Driven by a desire to share her passion for English, Yige aims to help students to unlock their full academic potential by fostering an academically stimulating environment. She not only focuses on establishing a firm conceptual grounding, but extends this with an integrative ideas-based approach, helping students to engage with the material critically, confidently, and with nuance.


Her flexibility and expertise allow her to seamlessly tailor each lesson to the student’s needs and aspirations. Her friendly and light-hearted demeanour facilitates an enjoyable and motivating learning environment. This rapport that she builds, when combined with consistent preparedness, organisation, and highly detailed feedback, ensures that each student receives the highest level of academic support possible.


By encouraging an active, goals-based approach to learning, she nurtures confidence, a prerequisite for excellence. Armed with refined analytical, critical, and creative tools necessary for success, she guarantees each student will achieve beyond their expectations.