Concept Courses

Our focus is to refine, design and emulate our students capacity to understand the rubric, syllabus and English itself to become second-nature.

Our state-ranking tutors motivate and strengthen students to feel confident. 


Year 10 

Foundation Program


At Concept: this is a ethos we'd like to consistently maintain. The focus of this class will be essay writing and analytical skills.


We want our year 10 students to build extremely solid foundations for creative and discursive writing with the ultimate goal of being in an advantageous position to succeed in future year 11 texts and the HSC in year 12.

"Preparedness is the key to success and victory."

Build the rudimentary skills. Understand how to write exceptionally

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Year 11 

Refinement Program


The Refinement program is designed to lay-out the final layers of foundation whilst focusing on excelling in the niche complexities of understanding one's studied-text.


Students will be aggressively pushed in stimulating critical thought and refinement so that they may confidently flourish during their final crucial year of high school

"Refine your skills to define your marks."

Refine and sharpen your understand of English to confidently tackle essay questions with ease. 

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Year 12 

Execution Program


At Concept, we understand the complexities and chaotic-stress students will face in their final-years of high School.


Our year 12 class aims to tailor your needs as a absolute necessity to us. That is why our organisation forte is the 1:1 personalised tutoring. However, classes are still available upon a students expression of interest to form a group or a text-specific class.


"Execute and attack the exams."


Execute and attack your essays with confidence and ease. Accelerate your learning to ensure you get the top marks.

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Let us help you excel in English.

Our tutoring is intensive but rewarding. We analyse your texts and provide premium assistance in ensuring you understand your text and ace the exam. 

Chloe was great - my rank in school jumped, and I got a 96 externally after starting lessons.


I really needed some individualised guidance on my essays, one that I couldn't properly receive from a commercial centre or from school. 


Concept Ethos

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Our Concept tutors are hand-picked not only as state-rankers but have the capacity to transfer on their state-ranking knowledge in a concise way students can learn with ease, integrating into their own writing. 

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Tailored Personalisation

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At Concept: we get you. As simply said, we like to personalise your experience to ensure you have the best possibilities in achieving the top mark. 

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Every student has been satisfied with our tutoring program, receiving stellar marks each to their own. At Concept, we pride ourselves in our capacity to drastically accelerate students English writing.