King Richard III/ Looking for Richard 


1. Intensive Theory Classes

Our 10 x 1.5 hour intensive theory classes each term are designed to teach you all the content you need to excel in each module. 

These classes are designed to teach you relevant theory and exam technique in intensive 1.5 hour sessions, saving you time from overly long tutoring sessions whilst providing you all the highly important information. 

2. State Ranking Course Materials

Our material is co-authored by multiple state-rankers and will equip you with complete understanding of how to excel in this text. Learn exactly what you need to craft a top scoring essay and save time trying to find your own quotes to argue a specific theme or idea. 

**This resource is sold individually for $199, but is complimentary for all individuals who enrol in a term at Concept. 

3. 1:1's and Essay Marking 

By enrolling in a term with us, you will receive 5 additional 1:1 private lesson credits that you can use at your discretion throughout the term. These individual lessons will be with a state-ranking tutor and can be used to address more specific concerns you may have about the text, prepare for upcoming assessment tasks, clarify your own questions about the text and module, or focus on personal areas of weakness. You will also receive 2x free essay marking submissions. 


Classes led by Melvern Kurniawan

His profile:

- ATAR: 99.40 

- 6th in NSW for English Advanced (2019)

- 98/100 in English Advanced HSC

- 96/100 in English Extension 1 HSC

- 100/100 in English Extension 2 (internal mark)

- 9th in NSW for Business Studied Accelerated (2018)

- Accepted into the Dalyell Scholars Program at the University of Sydney 

- Taught over 100+ students 

- 4+ years of tutoring experience 

- Academic director of Concept English 


Week 1 - Introduction to Module A: Textual Conversations 

Week 2 - Analysis of Shakespeare's Context and Dramatic Form 

Week 3 - Relationship between Context and Shakespeare's ideas

Week 4 - Analysis of Textual Evidence 

Week 5 - Synthesising context, form and meaning 

Week 6 - Analysis of Pacino Postmodern Context and Filmic form 

Week 7 - Relationship between Context and Pacino's ideas

Week 8 - Relationship between Context and Representation of Meaning

Week 9 - Analysis of Textual Evidence 

Week 10 - Discussion of how Pacino revises Shakespeare's meaning across time + essay revision. 

Price: $1350/ term