Our Classes 

Concept classes are intensive, text-specific lessons which teach you the theory and exam technique that have led past students to achieve an upper Band 6 and state rank in HSC English. 

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Pictured: Concept Online Seminar 

Course Structure

1. Intensive Theory Classes

Our 10 x 1.5 hour intensive theory classes each term are designed to teach you all the content you need to excel in each module. These classes are designed to teach you relevant theory and exam technique in intensive 1.5 hour sessions, saving you time from overly long tutoring sessions whilst providing you all the highly important information. 

2. State Ranking Course Materials

Our material is co-authored by multiple state-rankers and will equip you with complete understanding of how to excel in this text. Learn exactly what you need to craft a top scoring essay and save time trying to find your own quotes to argue a specific theme or idea. 

3. 1:1's and Essay Marking 

Receive personalised guidance on your year 12 internal HSC assessments by booking in 1:1's and submitting your essays in advance. Essay marking at Concept is extremely in depth, providing you with line by line comments and edits directly on your work. 

* Essay marking and 1:1's must be booked in addition to a class enrolment.


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In-depth Module 


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Breakdowns linked 
to Analysis 


Essay Frameworks 
for each Module

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In-depth Theme 
Breakdowns and link
to relevant Context


In-depth textual 
Analysis of your 
prescribed text

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State Ranking
Thesis Examples and Frameworks

And we also make English fun! 

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Why Concept?

  We're English Specialists who take you step by step towards a high band 6.