Morgan grew up in Camden and attended Macarthur Anglican for her whole school life. Despite being very interested in English and reading her whole life, Morgan decided to instead pursue her passion of helping people through studying Medicine. After finishing Year 12 she then moved to the Gold Coast for University and is now in her second year of Medicine. In the future she hopes to specialise in paediatrics because of her love for children.

In addition to tutoring, Morgan enjoys swimming at the beach on the Gold Coast and is trying (emphasis on trying) to take up surfing. She also enjoys cooking and reading when she is back home (and has time!) She has just finished reading The Alchemist and plans to start Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.


  • ATAR: 98.4 

  • State ranks: 5th in NSW for English Ext 1

  • School: Macarthur Anglican School

  • Bond University: Doctor of Medicine

  • Subject marks and school ranks

    • 97/100 in English Advanced, 1st at MAS

    • 50/50 in English Ext I, 1st at MAS

    • 49/50 in English Ext II, 1st at MAS

    • 95/100 in Advanced Maths

    • 94/100 in Biology

  • Other accolades, awards and scholarships:

    • Debating – 2nd in NSW 2019


Morgan has over 6 years of tutoring experience, starting with primary school students when she was in year 8 and now having taught over 50 HSC English students. This has allowed her to gain an immense appreciation for teaching and allowed her to understand many different learning styles.  


As the only mandatory HSC subject – English really reflects a student’s ability to think critically and adaptively to questions. Not only is English about understanding texts but it is also about understanding how to think. Morgan understands that English tutoring is more than teaching thematic analysis and quotes – effective English tutoring comes down to teaching the student how to look past the superficial and establish original and creative ideas.


In a world where everything is an internet search away – the value in tutoring comes from teaching the student to believe in their own ideas and effectively support them, a skill not only valuable in HSC English but a skill that is valuable for the rest of their lives.