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At Concept, our mission is to create a safe, holistic, and progressive educational experience, delivered by highly specialised tutors, that enables each student to academically excel in the IB Diploma Programme and unlock their future potential. We provide a personal service, collaborating with each student to identify gaps in their learning and tailor tutoring sessions to reach each student’s individual goals whilst fostering a love for learning English. Our team understands the intellectual, physical, and emotional pressures of the IB Diploma programme, with our tutors being past high-achieving IB students themselves. This enables each tutor to not only improve a student’s intellectual ability and consequently, their IB English grades, but also provide a safe space for students to receive support through a stressful and overwhelming period.


Concept IB English offers a unique range of facilities and resources for each student to reach their potential. These include but are not limited to:


  • A strong team of confident and experienced tutors who are familiar with the current IB syllabus changes and up-to-date teaching styles and strategies

  • Our sessions are delivered by tutors who have been hand-picked for their exceptional performance during the IB Diploma Programme

  • Access to resources including past papers, essay guides, text explanations and more to assist each student in their IB English assessments


Concept IB English is a unique learning facility that allows all IB English students to achieve their desired IB results. We offer personalised studying programmes and sessions for each individual student in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales, making education achievable for all.

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