Ella was born in Sydney, but she moved to the United States with her family for four years until the age of 7, before returning home to Australia. Ella attended Waitara Public School’s Opportunity Class, before being fortunate enough to secure a place at Hornsby Girls High School.

Ella has always been strong at English, after spending much of her childhood reading books, English was consistently her favourite subject all throughout her school life, and served as a fantastic avenue to gain a deeper understanding about literature. Performing highly in all of her subjects at school, she is also a passionate drama student, competing in various performance competitions, she was fortunate enough to play the lead in her high school musicals in both 2019 and 2020. In year 12, she was a prefect, and balanced her busy academic schedule by volunteering in her school’s Social Justice Committee. 

Ella’s love for literature and public speaking has influenced her to pursue a career in the law, she is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney, after receiving both the University of Sydney Leadership Award and the Sydney Scholars Award. 

When she isn’t tutoring, Ella enjoys a busy lifestyle. She loves going on runs with her family and friends, swimming at the beach, watching and performing musical theatre, and painting. Despite loving the outdoors and staying active, Ella is also an avid reader and will never pass up an opportunity to absorb herself in an engaging book for hours; at the moment her favourite novel is The Blind Assassin.


  • ATAR: 99.7

  • State ranks:

    • 9th in NSW for English Advanced

    • ​9th in NSW for Drama​

  • School: Hornsby Girls High School (Prefect)

  • University: University of Sydney, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (BA/LLB)

  • Subject marks and school ranks

    • 98/100 for English Advanced​

    • 99/100 for Drama

    • 47/50 for English Ext 1

    • 48/50 for English Ext 2

    • 95/100 for Modern History

    • 95/100 for Mathematics Advanced

  • Other accolades, awards and scholarships:

    • Sydney Scholars Award

    • The University of Sydney Leadership Award

    • 100th Percentile (100/100) for the University of New South Wales Law Admissions Test (LAT)

    • Academic Excellence in 2017, 2018 and 2020

    • Principals Award for Commitment to the School

    • The Macquarie University Enterprise Challenge Team Leadership Award

    • 'OnStage' Nomination 2020

    • Winner of the Shakespeare in Performance Award 2015, 2017 and 2018


Ella has been tutoring professionally since her graduation from Hornsby Girls High School in 2020, specialising in English tutoring. She is a dedicated tutor who uses her strong communicative skills and her broad knowledge across a range of subject areas to teach her students efficient strategies of critical thinking in their approach to their studies. As an all-rounder who achieved outstanding results, Ella offers her students a thorough and sophisticated method to achieve their academic potential.


Ella is passionate about every student's capacity to achieve excellence in their academic endeavours. Creating highly individualised lessons, she engages students by encouraging them to challenge themselves, responding to their personal strengths and weaknesses to maximise outcomes. 

Ella is dedicated to motivating her students, providing them clear and efficient strategies of study, time management, and organisation to ensure that all students feel supported and prepared for their assessments.

Ella's tutoring approach is formulated around critical thinking versatility. She aims to ensure her students' tasks with a wealth of knowledge, equipped with analytical tools cultivated in classes to respond to difficult questions and receive outstanding academic results. To do this, she always ensures her students have a holistic, in-depth understanding of concepts, supported by clear, constructive feedback. By setting clear goals and encouraging active engagement with difficult ideas, she assists her students in the development of unique, sophisticated, and efficient approaches to their assessment tasks. 

This approach fosters excellence but also instills in students a deep appreciation for their work, and a passion for learning which can be applied to all areas of future and current study.