Year 10 Classes

Our pre-senior Year 10 classes offer students valuable insight into the nature of year 11 and 12 through our highly curated course material and rigorous teaching approach. Our year 10 course is designed to ensure that all skills encompassing: reading and comprehension, written expression, technical and conceptual analysis, and creative, discursive and persuasive writing, are all developed prior to their entry into preliminary and eventually HSC English. These areas of focus have been chosen according to the syllabus mandated by NESA, allowing year 10 students to gain a comprehensive insight into the theories, ideas and issues raised in senior English. Our material offers students the intellectual and imaginative potential to stretch their minds and critically evaluate philosophical, cultural, moral and existential ideas represented in a range of literary works and textual forms. 


Our Term 1 program for Year 10 students offers the pre-requisite training and learning opportunities required for a smooth transition from junior into senior English. Students will be exposed to a wide spectrum of considerably challenging and thought-provoking texts to engage them intellectually, creatively and critically. Students will also have the opportunity to implement their learning through reading and comprehension tasks, into written responses both creatively and analytically, as well as through discussion with teachers and other students. 

Price: $950/ term

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Term 2 - Context and Texts

Our term 2 program focuses on teaching students the relationship between context and text. This topic prepares students for the rigorous contextual analysis that takes place in senior years of which preparation for is often neglected in junior English. Our material provides students with considerable exposure to a wide range of complex and sophisticated texts which display the powerful role that a composer's public and private context has in shaping the representation of meaning and ideas contained within a specific body of work. We discuss how culture, politics, society, events and the assumptions and beliefs that sprout from each of these affect a text's construction and the significance of this when analysing. 

Price: $950/ term

Term 3 - Assessment task focus and Conceptualising

Our Term 3 program for Year 10 students is divided into two goals: getting students to familiarise themselves with the different assessment task types for senior English, and the way in which we need to respond to these various assessments to succeed and score full marks. We will be breaking down the main assessment tasks in senior high school such as essay writing, creative responses, discursive and persuasive writing, reflections, multimodal tasks, posters etc. to acclimate students with the diversity of task types in year 11 and 12. We will also break down the key ingredients to succeeding in each of these by critically evaluating exemplar responses and addressing the various ideas, techniques and devices, structural choices etc. that we should be engaged with. Students will be given opportunities to implement what they have learnt into tasks, ultimately preparing them for senior English.

Price: $950/ term

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Term 4 - Pre-senior English 

The final term of our year 10 course builds off of everything that has been learnt in the prior classes. The term 4 program introduces students to the final few ideas that are needed before entering into senior English such as textual integrity, metanarratives, paradigms and critical theory. We will be challenging students with evocative pieces of literature, explore provocative texts that encourage critical reflection, and discuss complex ideas to deepen our awareness of the role of literature and storytelling as an engine through which we can learn more about ourselves, humanity, and the world at large. Thorough investigation into these concepts will complete the necessary foundations of their English skills to secure them with a solid bases for success in their future English studies.