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Angus grew up in Lindfield, Sydney attending Knox Grammar School from Year 3 through to graduation. Despite performing very strongly in English at school, Angus instead decided to pursue his other interests at University – finance and economics – but has continued to tutor English as he has a passion for teaching. After finishing his first year at university, Angus decided to undertake a belated gap year where he backpacked around Europe and Southeast Asia for six months. He visited 21 countries and made unforgettable memories such as when he spent time volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Laos. 

Angus is now in his penultimate year of his studies and is looking to pursue a career in investment banking. He has completed an internship at Deloitte and is looking to go on exchange to America if COVID permits it!

In addition to tutoring, Angus is involved in finance societies and associations at the University of Sydney, plays basketball, enjoys going to the beach and loves golden retrievers. He is also passionate about music and travelling and is hoping to do another six-month trip, but this time around South America. Angus enjoys a mix of fiction and non-fiction books and has most recently read Talking to Strangers and Sapiens.


  • ATAR: 99.25

  • State ranks: 6th in NSW for English Advanced

  • School: Knox Grammar School

  • University: University of Sydney, Bachelor of Commerce / Advanced Studies

    • Dalyell Scholar

    • Ranked 1st (finance subject) in cohort and 2nd in cohort  (international business subject)

  • Subject marks and school ranks

    • 98/100 in English Advanced, 2nd at Knox

    • 96/100 in Business Studies, 2nd at Knox

    • 96/100 in General Mathematics, 10th at Knox

    • 93/100 in Information Process Technology, 2nd at Knox

    • 92/100 in Geography, 1st at Knox

  • Other accolades, awards and scholarships:

    • 2016/2017 Academic Colours


Angus has been tutoring professionally since he graduated from Knox. He has been tutoring for over 3 years, covering English, General Mathematics, and Business Studies. He has an exceptional track record as a tutor, with every student that he has tutored, without exception, achieving a Band 6.


Angus is a qualified professional HSC tutor who is dedicated to helping his students reach their full potential. He is an extremely intepersonal tutor who teaches his students to think critically and understand the complex ideas of the texts in simple terms. He takes a very flexible, organised, and supportive approach to all of his students.


Angus is passionate about enabling students to realise and achieve their full academic potential. He aims to create an engaging and personalised approach for each student, in order to best suit the needs and learning style of the individual.

Angus begins by working with the student to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and, from there, set regular and focussed goals. This includes setting up weekly tasks to ensure that his students are consistently developing their essay writing skills. Angus also provides regular feedback to maximise what can be learned and gained from every piece of work. Additionally, Angus encourages his students to start compiling powerful words they encounter into a word document. He has found this helps students develop their vocabulary and writing ability. 

Angus aims to motivate each student to engage with their academic work, develop a clear and confident understanding of concepts and a commitment and efficiency in their continued improvement.