O'felia Zhao

Born into a first-generation migrant family, the importance of effective communication has been made apparent to O’felia in the early stages of life. By understanding the power of language, O’felia has consistently engaged in extracurricular activities such as public speaking, debating and programs including UN Youth. In 2019, she was fortunate enough to represent the Hills region at the Rostrum state public speaking competition on her speech
about racism towards the ‘model minority’.


Through opportunities within leadership initiatives, O’felia has been fortunate enough to work with migrant families and ESL students, assisting in their integration into Australia. O’felia has run volunteer initiatives within her community, spearheading the Blankets and
Beanies Appeal within her school, and volunteering at food drives in Parramatta Park for displaced individuals.
Being born into an extremely musical family, O’felia has been the lead in multiple school musicals, and is currently practising to achieve her Associate in Music (AMus) in piano.

O’felia has gained a Cert III in design fundamentals at Whitehouse Institute of Design, where in her spare time, she enjoys thrifting, and upcycling clothes with her trusty sewing machine. She is a proud dog mum to a unique duo; an energetic Pomeranian and shy Rottweiler. O’felia is also passionate about travelling, hoping to work abroad in Japan or Canada in the near future.
Going into university this year, O’felia has achieved partial scholarships at prestigious universities including USYD and UNSW, going into the Co-op Program at UNSW in 2022 OR potentially engaging in a 2 year traineeship at JP Morgan.


  • ATAR: 98.35

  • State ranks: 13th in NSW for English Advanced

  • School: Castle Hill High School

  • Senior prefect 2021/2022

  • 2019 State Finalist for Public Speaking

  • 2022 USYD Future Innovators Award

  • 2022 Sydney Scholars Award

  • 2022 UNSW CO OP

  • 2021 Encore Nomination 

  • Subject marks and other accolades:

    • 98/100 in English Advanced, ranked 1st internally and 13th in NSW

    • 48/40 in English Extension 1, ranked 3rd internally

    • 95/100 in Business Studies Accelerated, ranked 3rd internally

    • 92/100 in Modern History, ranked 3rd internally

    • Senior prefect

    • Ranked 1st overall in Year 12

    • Rostrum Public Speaking NSW State Finalist


O’felia is an experienced and passionate tutor, who is dedicated in unlocking the full academic potential of her
students; wishing they perform to the best of their abilities. As an all-rounder and having
achieved excellent academic results, O’felia focuses highly on organisation and instilling the
skill of critical thinking onto her students through constant improvement and encouragement.


O’felia creates a dynamic and exciting environment within her lessons, allowing students to
engage in content with passion and genuine interest. By setting clear goals and her ability to
deconstruct complex ideas into digestible content, O’felia is able to help build strong
foundation skills, which are essential in the path towards a passion for learning and high
academic results- a transferrable skill into future studies and engagements. 


The ability to critically evaluate and think holistically are a must for success within the
English HSC curriculum. O’felia’s tutor approach is individualised, adapting to the specific
strengths and weaknesses of each student to ensure that they are equipped to answer each
question insightfully and with ease.

Her encouraging and friendly demeanour, along with detailed feedback and organised lesson
plans enable a comfortable learning environment for each student to excel beyond their