Angeliki Georgakopoulou

Angeliki was born in Athens, Greece, where she lived for the first nine years of her life. In 2012, she moved to Australia with her family for a total of nine years. In 2020, she was able to graduate from St Euphemia College with the highest ATAR and the title of school captain. Upon her return to Athens in 2021, she has begun preparing for university and tutoring students for the HSC.


Despite learning English as a second language, she was able to secure partial scholarships at many of Australia’s leading universities, including UTS, ANU and UOW. Nevertheless, her decision to study in Greece was mainly influenced by her interest in European institutions, as well as Greece’s role as the birth-giver to modern ideals, including law, democracy and philosophy.

Apart from tutoring, Angeliki is also involved with composing opinion articles and crafting pieces of literature. In her free time, she enjoys Greek dancing and performing, as it gives her the opportunity to be creative beyond the page. In addition to that, Angeliki thoroughly enjoys binge watching her favourite movies and TV shows with her close friends and sisters. Finally, listening to all kinds of music (except for heavy metal), ranks high in her interests and she hopes to travel to various parts of Europe (post-COVID).


  • ATAR: 99.7

  • State ranks: 18th in NSW for English Advanced, 3 state ranks in Greek Subjects, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 3rd in Studies of Religion II

  • School: St Euphemia College (School Captain, 1st in HSC)

  • Subject marks:

    • 98/100 in English Advanced

  • Other accolades, awards and scholarships:

    • Full scholarship at St Euphemia College (2012-2020)

    • Canterbury Bankstown Academic Excellence Award (2020)

    • Dux Award (2015-2019)

    • Canterbury Bankstown Youth Week Writing Competition (3rd place-2016)


Angeliki is an experienced tutor who, having been in the field for two years, understands the importance of providing a spherical approach to teaching. As an all-rounder and a top achiever in the HSC, Angeliki recognises the importance of maximising students’ strengths and minimising their weaknesses. An overall optimistic and approachable person, Angeliki enjoys helping students exceed their potential.  

Angeliki has been tutoring professionally since year 12, specialising in the subjects of Modern Greek, English and Studies of Religion. Prior to this, she was involved in the after school care program of St Euphemia College, whereby she had the role of helping students from K-8 with their school work and assessments.



Angeliki focuses on improving study and organisation skills, to ensure that stress levels are kept to a minimum and that students can be productive. This is done through a personalised teaching approach which balances personal strengths and interests with course materials. 

Additionally, she helps students improve their weaknesses, by making modules more approachable. In this way, she develops and cultivates students’ critical thinking and reflective abilities, whilst also providing a deep understanding of how meaning is shaped in texts.  

Moreover, she places a strong emphasis on establishing students’ personal voice and interpretation, by adopting an analytical and evaluative approach which enables the teaching exchange to become a collaborative learning experience rather than a passive form of education.