Concept English Solutions is a specialist HSC English tuition firm which leverages the benefits of both online and face-to-face tutoring to provide a seamless learning experience.


Concept leaves behind the inefficiencies of outdated tutoring models to ease student anxieties with HSC English through a validated learning process proven to achieve results.


Hi! I'm Chloe Zhu, and I founded Concept after repeatedly hearing the many anxieties and questions my students all had with the arduous journey that is HSC English after teaching almost 100 students.


It began with some bad tutoring experiences. Not from me, but from my students who came to me with lots of misinformation, stress, and worry. English as a subject is extremely difficult with all its intricacies and seemingly illogical requirements - but it doesn't have to be. After reading countless essays which have scored 20/20, including those which have state ranked, I started to notice a pattern in the way they were crafted, and started passing on this knowledge to my students who were able to then consistently score full marks and achieve a final result of 95+ in English.


That's why I created Concept - so I could pass on this knowledge of how to tackle the English Advanced course properly to as many students as possible, and hopefully to you!

Suite 32, Level 2, 650 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

ABN: 67 455 098 340