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It started with a concept: to build a community of teachers whose passions in English exceeded beyond the HSC and was vested in fostering the wellbeing, motivations and aspirations of students. At Concept, we understand fully that the journey towards achieving our academic goals can oftentimes be both challenging and seemingly unattainable. However, we also recognise that through the help and support of our academics, students can reshape how they view their HSC to develop a strong work ethic and genuine appreciation of learning and iterating one's knowledge that naturally translates into concrete marks.

Given the compulsory mandate by NESA that a student's ATAR must have at least 2 units of English counted towards it, many are understandably intimidated by the pressure to perform well in what many describe as the most difficult subject in the HSC. At Concept, we understand fully the intricacies which contour a course like English such as its inherent subjectivity and the absence of a clear, straightforward framework that can be consistently and reliably applied across various scenarios and assessments to yield solid marks.


To address these fears, we compiled the top students in NSW, and critically examined the strategies, notes, approaches and study methods undertaken by our state rankers to develop courses which are undoubtedly the most refined within the industry. Our curated yet highly comprehensive course structure and content delves into the mechanics behind full-scoring essays, provides critical analysis of a range of specific texts tailored for each student's school, and is the byproduct of a thorough assessment of the key ingredients that allowed our academics to top the state. We have translated and integrated this into into a substantive body of  material with the aim of guiding those students who want to excel in English, improve their marks or simply learn of ways to iterate their approach towards English. 

"You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know." - Oscar Wilde 


At Concept, we are committed to providing personalised tutoring services which prioritise the ongoing development of students and their aptitude, confidence and expertise in English. We aim to enrich, deepen, and inspire all of our students to actively explore and challenge the world in which they live to develop the necessary critical thinking skills required to proficiently navigate not only the complex demands of their English courses - but also of the real world beyond the boundaries of school. 


We offer courses for Junior English, and English Advanced and English Extension for students in their HSC or preliminary year of high school.Our programs have been developed by our leading Academics and are delivered by experienced tutors who have been hand-picked due to their unmatched knowledge in their respective textual fields. All teachers are passionate in their endeavour to impart their knowledge of the English syllabus to their students. Furthermore, as all of our tutors hold a state rank, our team consists of only the best in NSW.


Not only have all our tutors excelled during their HSC year, they all have an impressive portfolio of achievements spanning across a diverse array of subjects and areas of life, which has allowed them to cultivate nuanced expertise not only academically but socially and professionally as well. With our team, we offer students personalised feedback on their responses tailored specifically to address areas of weakness in both their conceptual and technical analysis of texts, develop their confidence in comprehension and creative tasks involving unseen stimuli that require improvisation, spontaneity and dexterity, and refine their understanding of their texts to equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in both school assessments and in the HSC exams. 

In all, our teaching philosophy is simple: build the foundation needed for student's to thrive in English, develop their critical thinking and conceptualisation skills, polish and refine their expression, and nourish their unique voice. 

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