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Concept is a highly specialised, state-of-the-art English tutoring centre that facilitates students in achieving their academic goals. Our team consists of the top performers in NSW for English Advanced and Extension to ensure that students are led by the very best. Our private and group classes have been designed to offer students an intellectually and creatively stimulating learning environment which fosters opportunity for critical thinking, discussion and self-expression. Through this, we aim to alleviate the stresses which come with a challenging subject like English. 

As NESA mandates that a minimum of 2 units of English must be counted towards a student's ATAR, the pressures to perform exceptionally well in this subject is understandable - something all of our teachers can resonate with personally. At Concept, we have formulated a successful approach to the English course that ensures students are confident in applying their skills and knowledge in practical scenarios such as exams and assignments. All of our classes are specialised based on text and module, and all accompanying course material has been authored by leading academics. 


Our course offers students the opportunity to develop comprehensive knowledge of the vital constituents of full mark essays, exposure to critical analysis, close guidance on assessments and exams, access to exemplary critical and creative works and insight into the necessary steps required to excel in English.


We are committed to providing the highest quality English classes in NSW that prioritise the ongoing development of students' confidence, intellectual and creative aptitude and ultimately, their appreciation for English. We are committed to inspiring all of our students to actively explore and challenge the world in which they live to develop the necessary critical thinking skills required to proficiently navigate not only the complex space of English - but also of the real world. 



What do we offer?


Chloe Zhu, Founder of Concept (16th in NSW English Advanced)

Melvern Kurniawan, Academic Director (6th in NSW English Advanced and 9th in NSW Business Studies (Accelerated))

We offer private and group classes for Junior English, HSC English Advanced and Extension.Our programs have been developed by our leading academics, and are delivered by experienced tutors who have been hand-picked for their exceptional performance during the HSC. Our classes are delivered by teachers who have highly in-depth knowledge in their specific texts, as well as undergone rigorous training in teaching. This is to ensure all of our services are of the highest standard. 

Our HSC English Advanced classes are all text-specific and module based, meaning that students will be led by a state-ranking academic that specialises in their prescribed text and will receive course material that is specific to their text as well. 


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